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Welcome to the official Wikispace for the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

Program on the Anatomy, Development, and Evolution of the Brain

Coordinators: Ken Kosik, Alexei Koulakov, Greg Lemke, Sara Solla, Sam Wang

March 17 – April 25, 2008


This wikispace is a repository for resources and conversations among program participants. It is intended to supplement to the KITP's Official Program Page that features the full program description, video and audio recording of all related KITP seminars and discussions. These are archived along with materials associated with those seminars and discussions.

Program participants and researchers who are following the workshop remotely are encouraged to add discussion or add new pages.

To edit a page, simply click the edit this page button at the top of the page. To add a page, click on the New Page item on the left under Actions. After making a new page make sure to link it to another page or to the space-menu (Navigation menu), so people can reach it. For instructions on linking pages, see Help in the upper right. In addition, every page has a discussion board attached. To peruse the discussion board and add your thoughts, click the discussion item on the top of the page. If you want to practice getting around and using the editors, you can go to test123test.


Until a bug is fixed, Safari cannot be used with the visual editor, only with the text editor. We recommend the FIREFOX browser instead, which is already available on your workstation at KITP or can be downloaded from here. (Mozilla's Firefox is free and available for nearly all operating systems.)